About Ellen Celli

A goldsmith and jewelry designer in the classical tradition,
Ellen trained in jewelry arts in Florence, Italy and New York.

She has been a craftswoman for more than 25 years. Over time, she has built a palette of stones – white sapphires, red rubies, Peruvian opals, rose cut diamonds, and more – that she hand selects on the international gem market and fashions into each distinct piece. From her studio based in Manhattan, Ellen works exclusively in high karat gold that she alloys, shapes and designs.



The Italian Renaissance Inspires Her Work

“Light is often depicted as the color gold in Renaissance paintings. I strive for the same effect in my work. I want the gold and the gemstones that I manipulate not just to reflect the light, but to be a source of it.

The Florentines were all about the beauty of the work, and the craft that went into making it. That’s how I see my work: as something I love to make, but that stands on its own as a wearable work of art.”

– Ellen